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Assessments and Surveys: On-site surveys of facilities, artifact collections, and objects to evaluate the condition and establish priorities for preservation planning. Design and implement collections needs assessments.


Collections Research & Management: Analysis for the identification of materials, fabrication technology, cultural association, and historical significance. Custom design databases for entry and analysis of collections preservation-related data.


Conservation treatment: Proposals, estimates, examination, written and photographic documentation, and treatment for the stabilization and preservation of objects of art and cultural materials.


Conservation Consultation & Planning: Consultation for care, preservation, exhibition, display, storage, and handling of artifact collections; proposal and grant preparation; disaster and integrated pest management; long term preservation planning.

Environmental Assessment: On-site surveys of environmental conditions of facilities, including temperature, humidity, light levels, security, pest management in order to assist with evaluation and establishing priorities for preservation planning.


Preventive Conservation Education & Training: Workshops and lectures on preservation-related topics such as preventive conservation, disaster planning, integrated pest management, conservation and ethics, exhibition mount making and storage housings.

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